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Nine unhealthy signals

Nine unhealthy signals In fact, these phenomena may be the hint that your body is causing buds. Here are 9 symptoms that may be suggesting that your body is “emotional”.   1. Back pain This may be cystitis or accessory inflammation. You should go to the hospital for a blood test and a urine test. If necessary, you can do a cystoscopy. At this time, drink plenty of water, avoid spicy, spiced food. For anti-inflammatory andContinue reading

Lets you know if you can exercise after menstruation

Lets you know if you can exercise after menstruation Q: My mother enrolled in a tennis class for me during the summer vacation. The teacher’s training requirements are very strict, so we can take leave at will. But these two days, when my menstruation came, my stomach hurts a bit. I want to take time off to stop training, but the teacher said that it had no effect at all. In fact, when we wereContinue reading

How a career girl makes love a success

How a career girl makes love a success Be a woman who is not like a little girl who talks like her boyfriend. The boyfriend answers whatever he asks, without any reservation. Women must learn to value their own careers, their own lives, and their own wealth. Say no to men when needed, turn around when you don’t like it, and be happy.   Making money is an ability, and there is no straw bag amongContinue reading

Health soup often eaten in winter

锘? Health soup often eaten in winter As the saying goes, I want to be healthy and drink more soup. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, all kinds of soups become unsavory. The types of soups are different and their effects are different. Now I introduce you to several health soups that are often used in winter and their health effects. 銆€銆€First, pork ribs soup is anti-aging. In addition to protein, traces and vitamins,Continue reading

Partial weight loss, fat and fat!

锘? Partial weight loss, fat and fat! Many people who love beauty often worry about the “Central Plains breakout” or the thick waist, buttocks and thighs. How much they hope that there will be a recipe for “Where is the fat?”Drugs and health care products are popular, and beauty lovers are eager for it. However, medical experts pointed out that the one-sided pursuit of local weight loss is tantamount to “fishing in the water”, andContinue reading

Three-type qigong life extension

锘? Three-type qigong life extension Chinese film and television, Rui, the famous philanthropist Shao Yifu is 103 years old, and he is refreshed. The rich man who retired on New Year’s Day in 2010 was 40 years later than the retirement age of the average person. Someone asked him where the secret of health care, Shao Yifu smiled and said: “Normal practice qigong, smile often open. At the age of 90, Shao Yifu personally wentContinue reading