TCM teaches you to look at lip color and identify health

TCM teaches you to look at lip color and identify health

Whitening lips Vigilant to digestive diseases Lip whitening is an unhealthy color.

If you or your family finds your lips pale, be alert to digestive disorders.

According to Chinese medicine, lips and spleen and stomach are closely related.

If the lips are rosy, it means that qi and blood are strong and the nutritional status is good, otherwise it means that qi and blood are insufficient.

  If the lip color is light, it may be insufficient red blood cells and anemia; if the lip color is pale, it is a deficiency, and all blood loss may cause the lip color to turn white.

Lip whitening can also be seen in excessive exertion, severe illness is sufficient, Qi and blood are no longer there.

Pale upper lip, abdominal pain, etc .; Pale lower lip, more common in stomach problems, upper vomiting and diarrhea, cold stomach symptoms.

  Lips are located on the exposed part above the top. When women apply makeup, lipstick application is also a key point.

The color change of the lips has a very important role in the inspection.

Normal people’s lip color should show a healthy and moist red. If the color of the lips is abnormal, it means that the body has a disease.

  Blue lips vigilant against poisoning In daily life, a person’s lips turn blue and need to be alert to blood anoxia or food poisoning.

  According to Chinese medicine, lip color is blue, the main cold and the main pain indicate that the patient has positive symptoms.

People with dark lips often suffer from constipation, diarrhea, headache, and insomnia due to digestive dysfunction.

If the lip color is dark and cloudy, there are symptoms such as diarrhea and loss of appetite; if there are black patches on the lips, it is renal insufficiency, and the patient has symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, anorexia and vomiting.

  Purple lips are wary of heart disease When the winter is cold, people will be frozen with purple lips.

But in addition, some people’s lips turn purple, which is a sign of disease.

Generally lips become purple and need to be alert for heart disease.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the lips are used for opening and closing, and they are outside the heart; the sound comes out of the mouth, and the diet comes in, which is the main cause of the internal organs.

In terms of meridians, the major meridians such as the Hand Yangming Large Intestine Meridian, Foot Jue Yin Liver Meridian, Chong Mai and Ren Mai are directly related to the mouth.

Therefore, these meridian and organ diseases can be reflected through the lips.

  If the lip color is purple, it is mostly that the stomach qi is cold, and the evidence of blood stasis can be seen.

The lip color is purple and dry, indicating that there is stasis.

And if purple-red plaques appear on the lower lip mucosa, regardless of their size, they need to be highly vigilant, most likely a cancer of the digestive tract.

Lips are dark purple or lavender, indicating that the congestion has stopped and there are many trauma or internal injuries.

A sudden lip color change to purple or black indicates congestion.

  Red lips are alert to lung diseases. Under normal circumstances, the color of the lips is mostly red, but red is also moderate.

If the lips are too red, it is a sign of disease.

Red lips are usually caused by lung or stomach heat.

  If the patient’s lips are rosy and bloody, the condition is relatively mild and can be cured, while those with chronic lip color are exacerbated and difficult to recover.

If the lip color is red, qi and blood saturation are common; if the lip color is dark red, it is usually hot syndrome.

  If the lip color can only be seen faintly and red, and it is dry and obscure, it means that the blood and blood are too wasted, which is often a stubborn card.

Pregnant women who have pale red lips may have difficulty giving birth.

If the upper and lower lip colors are deep red, it is heart heat, the lip is red and dark, and vomiting is stomach heat.

If you have dark red lips, red cheeks, tears in your eyes, or coughing or sneezing, you may get acne.

  Men’s lips are bright red, and their mouths are often bitter and dry. It may be that the liver is too hot and the temper is too quick.

If the lip color is black and red, it is mostly due to a problem with the large intestine, as well as a poor throat, and a lady with ear and nose problems.

Dark red lips are chills, which are more common in cases of cardiopulmonary insufficiency or hypoxia, and need to go to the hospital this morning.

The lip color is bright red, such as rouge, indicating that there are tapeworms inside the interconnect.Lip color was cherry red, unconscious, gait instability, coma, accelerated breathing and heart rate, indicating carbon monoxide poisoning.

If the lips are deep red, it may also be pneumonia, pulmonary heart disease with heart failure, and acute attacks.