Five super-saving ways to lose weight make you lose weight easily


Five super-saving ways to lose weight make you lose weight easily

After a meal, walking, weight loss, walking, stability, and dysentery, rhythmically accelerate, deepen breathing, not only meet the need for oxygen supply during muscle exercise, but also exercise and improve the function of the respiratory system.

In particular, the amplitude of diaphragmatic activity is increased, and there is a wonderful use of qigong-like qigong, which can increase the function of the digestive gland; the movement of the abdominal wall muscles, which has a massage effect on the gastrointestinal tract, contributes to food digestion and absorption, and can also be calledConstipation secret.
Jogging can lose weight and jogging is usually done every other day.

During the visit, sturdy and hard ground jogging every two feet 375 times?
467 times, so some medical experts believe that jogging can cause the arch of the foot to sag, the pivotal wrap, the sweat rash, the Achilles tendon strain, the foot swollen contusion and the back pain of the knee, so be prepared before jogging, joggingTo wear the right shoes and loose clothes, the running method is correct, and it requires good health and clear purpose.

Skipping rope weight loss method is a popular fitness exercise for autumn and winter. It is easy to learn, saves time and money, and almost everyone will.

Jumping rope is good for the body and mind. It keeps jumping for 10 minutes. It is almost the same as jogging for 30 minutes or jumping for 20 minutes. It can be described as a time-consuming and energy-intensive strength training.

Aerobics aerobics is a kind of aerobic exercise. It is characterized by long activity time, moderate strength, effective weight control, effective improvement of various physical qualities of the practitioner, and low requirements on the venue.Fully developed, it has a great role in promoting the heart and lung function and endurance level of the human body.

Swimming to lose weight in the swimming process, due to the stimulation of water temperature, in order to ensure sufficient temperature, the skin blood vessels participate in important regulation, cold water stimulation can make the skin vasoconstriction, in order to prevent energy from spreading into the body.

While the body to produce energy and to step up the skin blood vessels to dilate, improving blood supply to the skin blood vessels, so that long-term adherence to exercise can help blood circulation of the skin is strengthened.