Want to learn English King’s Yoga diet?

Want to learn how to learn the British King of Yoga diet?

Click on the picture to buy a life for celebrities. We always feel the fog in the flowers, and even curious about the lives of many stars, especially those who are envious and pursued by the stars. These are the key points to seduce them. I don’t know.How many people have an understanding of King Kate, are you envious of her body?

In fact, her weight loss method is also dull. The weight loss method adopted by Ying Wang is the yoga weight loss method. We do not hinder to see the introduction of these weight loss methods!

  Strengthen the right-angled legs to separate the two shoulder widths, raise your hands over the top of the head, and slowly lean forward, so that the hips and legs form a right angle, pay attention to balance, eyes down and relax.

This action seems easy. You can use your arm’s power to move your body forward, and transfer more weight to the forefoot. Hold it for 3 to 5 minutes at this position to strengthen the spine.

  On the sloping plate on the back, the legs are stretched forward, the hands are backwards, the palms are placed backwards behind the back, the inhalation tightens the buttocks muscles and lifts up, the chest is abdomen, the soles of the feet are pressed down, and the whole body muscles are moved up.The head leans back, relaxes the neck and neck muscles, and insists on 5 breaths.

Stimulates the mammary gland and has a proud chest shape.

  The crow is connected to an action, and the ten fingers are stretched to close the ground, so that the average force is balanced on the palm. When ready, the legs are tightened off the ground, the body slowly moves forward and bends the elbow, but remember to relax and stay.5 breaths, return to the lower dog style.

Keep practicing and you will soon be able to say goodbye to the meat on your arm.

  Bend your knees and start the dog-like posture, pick up your feet, lean forward, make it perpendicular to the ground, tighten the thigh muscles, bend your left knee forward to the buttocks, straighten your left foot, and pay attention to the right foot.And then restore to do the exercises on the right.

Shape the perfect back curve.

  The curved legs are basically vertical, bend the knees, use the thighs to maintain the balance of the body, sit on a chair, put your hands together, tighten the abdomen and push the right elbow to the left knee, and look at the ceiling.

Then change the exercise on the other side.

If your body allows it, you can squat down a little more and make your thighs and hips work harder.