Nine unhealthy signals

Nine unhealthy signals

In fact, these phenomena may be the hint that your body is causing buds.

Here are 9 symptoms that may be suggesting that your body is “emotional”.


Back pain This may be cystitis or accessory inflammation.

You should go to the hospital for a blood test and a urine test. If necessary, you can do a cystoscopy.

At this time, drink plenty of water, avoid spicy, spiced food.

For anti-inflammatory and physical therapy, bathing in pumpkin oil or sandalwood oil works well.


Irritability cry because of trivial matters, if this does not match your personality, you need to check the thyroid, the central nervous system is most sensitive to thyroid hormone disorders.

The initial symptoms are irritability, irritability, crying, insomnia, although the appetite is getting thinner and thinner, women may show menstrual disorders.


Regular dizziness should be checked for blood pressure.

People of any age can suffer from hypotension, and women usually show up between the ages of 35-40.

To adjust your diet, choose some beneficial sports and certain swimming.


The eyes are slightly swollen in the morning, which is likely to be the result of long-term fatigue.

If edema occurs frequently, check your kidneys.


Swollen legs at night This is a symptom of chronic venous failure.

Need to eat more raw vegetables, which contain fibers that strengthen the vein walls.


Frequent cramps in hands and feet may be due to calcium and vitamin D deficiency. Eat more dairy products, liver, and seafood.


Sweating more than usual This may be a dislocation of the vascular autonomic nerve.

If ordinary sedatives do not work, see a doctor.


Weight changes, often thirsty. These symptoms are a bit like diabetes. It is necessary to have a blood glucose check.

If the test results are still normal, stop eating sweets and greasy foods.


Women with large hair loss are more likely to suffer from scattered hair loss (hair shift from the upper right) than men.

The cause of a large amount of hair metabolism may be due to psychological stress, uncured infections or incorrect diet, or it may be caused by certain diseases or congenital diseases.