Simple Nine Forms S Curve

Simple Nine Forms S Curve

Take 5 minutes a day to practice weight loss yoga, and you can achieve s body in one month.

  The 5-minute yoga sculpture exquisite curve The exquisite female curve is the beautiful capital that a woman should have. While the summer has not yet passed, seize the opportunity to show a figure.

  Step 1 Sit with your knees stretched with your waist extended, your upper body bent forward, your arms straight, and your palms on the floor.

  Step 2 The chest and shoulders should be retracted. Keep your upper body straight, hold your hands together, and stretch your arms straight to the rear as far as possible.

  Step 3 Twist your waist and turn your left leg straight, your right leg bent over your left leg, place it above your left leg, put your right hand behind you, hold your right thigh with your left hand, your upper body slowly turns to the right behind, your eyes follow the direction of your upper body slowlyLook back slowly.

  step 4 Kitten bow posture 1 With legs spread to shoulder width, kneel on the ground, upper body bowed upward, head down, arms straightened, palms on the ground to support upper body step 5 kitten bow posture2 Raise your head, press your waist down, lift your chest, and your hips up, smoke 5 minutes a day to practice weight-loss yoga, and you can achieve s body in one month.

  Step 6 In the inverted v posture, straighten your legs, your arms straight, and your palms against the ground to form an inverted v shape. Pay attention to the legs must be straight, and the waist, head and head should be on the same line.

  Step 7: Bend over and tilt your arms slowly to both ends of your feet, keep your legs upright, bend your waist and abdomen, and keep your head down.

  Step 8 With both hands held high and stretching, stand upright, squeeze your hands together and squeeze upwards, paying attention to your chest and abdomen.

  Step 9 Adjust your breathing with your arms folded, put your arms folded on your chest, and adjust your breathing slowly as if in prayer.