There are three major hazards of expired medicines

There are three major hazards of expired medicines

Waste batteries must not be thrown away, otherwise it will cause leakage and pollution of heavy metals, which is known to most people.

Expired medicines can be mentioned, and many citizens still throw them into the trash.

In fact, the current expired drugs have been listed in the “National Dangerous Goods List”. Experts from the Food and Drug Administration of Jinan stated that littering of expired drugs will cause environmental pollution, hidden dangers of allergies and being sold to rural areas by illegal traders.It is better for citizens to clean up their small medicine boxes regularly and replace expired medicines with fixed collection points determined by the drug supervision department.

  It is said that several boxes of expired medicines were added without notice. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw at a drug store in Jijing Road that an old man threw five or six boxes of expired medicines into the recycling bin.

He told reporters: “When you go to the hospital to see a doctor, you have a whole box and a whole bottle of medicine. If you don’t pay attention, there will be several boxes of expired medicine.

Citizen Ms. Wei said that nowadays, whether you go to the hospital to prescribe medicines or buy them in pharmacies, the medicines are basically in large packages. After you get better, you can’t finish the medicine, and it will expire soon.

  A person in charge of the Municipal Drug Administration said that there are still some citizens who think that commonly used medicines such as colds and headaches are often used, so they buy more spares, which results in accumulation and drug expiration; some hospitals prescribe more medicines, far exceedingPatients’ demand for medicines; now the medicines are sold in whole boxes and whole bottles. Some medicines may only be taken one or more times. The remaining medicines will expire after a long period of time, which also causes waste of medicines.
  Impact: casually reducing the three major hazards of expired medicines. “Improper handling of expired medicines, many of them will harm people’s health, and will pollute the family and the ecological environment.

“Sun Yuanping, director of the Marketing Department of the Municipal Drug Administration, told reporters.

“The first hazard is a family safety hazard.

“Sun Yuanping said that some volatile expired drugs may become allergens.

For example, penicillin can cause harm to family members who are allergic to penicillin after volatilization.

  In fact, if the expired medicines are arbitrarily expanded, it will also cause pollution to the environment.

After the toxic decomposition products of medicines dissolve, they will pollute the land and water sources, and will destroy the biological chain of people, animals and plants.

Therefore, expired drugs need to be professionally harmlessly destroyed.

  The last hazard is probably the biggest.

Sun Yuanping said that if expired medicines were delivered to illegal traders or illegal medical institutions, their resale to patients in remote areas such as rural areas would have unpredictable consequences for patient treatment.

Judging from the usual inspection, about two-thirds of expired medicines in rural areas come from “drug recycling” on urban streets.

  How to: Regularly clean up the home small medicine box How can ordinary citizens prevent expired medicines from appearing?

Experts from the drug supervision department suggest that: develop good medicine and drug purchase habits, and regularly clean up the small medicine box in the family.

  A family of medicines should be stored in a medicine box or placed in a place that is protected from light, dryness, ventilation and high temperature.

The name and dosage of the medicine should be clearly written and put into a bag or bottle.

Before using the medicine, you must check the condition of the medicine, and the medicines that are out of date, moldy, adhesion and unclear use should not be used.

  The best way for citizens to reduce and eliminate expired medicines is to purchase medicines reasonably, use medicines safely, and medicines are best bought on demand. Regularly clean out household medicine boxes, and replace expired medicines to replace the collection points determined by the drug supervision department to prevent illegal elements from recycling.