Cosmeceuticals are safer than ordinary skincare products


Cosmeceuticals are safer than ordinary skincare products

“Going to buy skin care products in a pharmacy”, consumers were surprised at first, then slowly some people began to try, and finally developed into a fashion for urban women.

Among them are the contributions of manufacturers, the pharmacy itself is safe, and the trustworthy image is also a key factor for consumers to accept it.

The establishment of Vichy, Yiquan, La Roche-Posay, and Avene, the four major brands of cosmeceuticals, is closely linked to their “pharmacy franchise” sales methods.

  Generally, skin care products sold in pharmacies are subject to strict drug tests, so its safety is reassuring.

In addition, some dermatologists believe that the value of most beauty products is reflected in their nutritional content, and they will certainly have effects, but the inevitable phenomenon is that if your skin care products have extremely high skin repair and improvement effects, The substances contained in its ingredients must have a very high susceptibility.

Skin care ingredients like fruit acid are very susceptible to skin allergies.

The majority of skin care products in pharmacies are mainly natural raw materials, with moderate dimensions. After strict product quality inspection and control, as well as a large number of clinical tests, allergies have been minimized.

  There are also some cosmetics containing medicinal ingredients and drug effects, although they are sold in pharmacies at the same time, but their sales channels also occur in pharmacies at the same time.Products, but belong to the category of pharmaceutical cosmetics.

  Drug cosmetics and pharmacy skincare are two different concepts.

Pharmaceutical cosmetics are functional cosmetics. In addition to general ingredients, this cosmetics also contains drugs that can be absorbed by the skin and supplemented with drugs to treat skin diseases, so as to achieve the effect of treating and protecting the skin.

  Efficacy cosmetics are a trend in the development of cosmetics internationally, and they are increasingly welcomed by consumers in China.

However, it should be noted that some products labeled as “curative cosmetics” actually use modern beauty technology to add hormones to cosmetics to improve their appearance.

However, if you often use some kind of cosmetics with hormones, you will have “hormonal beauty syndrome”. In severe cases, there will even be a skin reaction of the retina, and beauty will not be disfiguring.

  There have been media reports that some consumers are allergic to the use of cosmetics marked “antiallergic”.

Experts say that products that pass the allergy test still show allergic symptoms when used by some people, and this situation is also possible.

However, some cosmetics that indicate themselves as having “anti-oxidant effect” or “suitable for sensitive skin” actually have hormones added to the product. After some patients with skin allergic symptoms use it, the initial allergy is indeed better, and the skin changes.It is smooth, and the product is considered to be effective, but after the relapse, the allergy symptoms will increase.

Long-term use of hormone-containing cosmetics has caused their capillaries to dilate, shrink, and even appear hairy, dermatitis and other symptoms.

At the same time, external use of hormones may also cause changes in human hormone levels, causing endocrine disorders and other conditions.

  In fact, it can be called functional skin care products without containing pharmaceutical ingredients. Functional cosmetics are born from the transformation of biological and medical technology into the field of cosmetic manufacturing. It combines the advantages of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

  It is understood that functional cosmetics have specific standards, and the ratio to ordinary beauty cosmetics has the following characteristics: 1. Most of the ingredients contain active substances, such as hot spring water, plant extracts; 2. It can act through the stratum corneum to deeper layers3. It is highly targeted and can effectively correct various physiological problems of the skin; 4. It is carefully formulated by dermatologists after years of formulation, and it is safe and reliable after strict allergy testing and clinical application.