What does yoga think about sex


What does yoga think about sex

Yoga’s view of sex is the same as that of other aspects, that is, the right amount.

Yoga believes that sex is a natural function of people, which is helpful to love relationships, and of course, it is also very important to continue human life.

  Yoga practitioners warn against indulgence, because they think it will consume life.

They say that semen contains dense vitality due to the seeds of life in it.

Deprivation of vitality will reduce vitality levels, reduce resistance to disease, and also delay the progress of yoga.

  Yoga practitioners believe that sexual function is normal when the reproductive system is the healthiest.

They discovered that the most effective way to reach this state of health is to practice yoga asanas and breathing.

  Yes, senior yogis are single.

They need to preserve all vitality to pursue cosmic consciousness.

They also know that after achieving this goal, you can get the best blessing, and the short period of sexual love until the best blessing is divided is not trivial.

Their minds have reached a field that cannot be satisfied with the ephemeral joy.

  Does yoga make people feel peaceful, and will it reduce productivity and creativity?

  Since your mind exceeds peace, it is naturally more wise and wasted, so you are actually reintegrating and inventing.

  At the same time, yoga can do more than just feel peaceful.

By influencing the brain, glands, and internal organs, yoga has invented a state of high vitality, which has continued to increase growth and creativity.