Parent-child games exercise baby’s vision

Parent-child games exercise baby’s vision

The name of the game of seeing pictures and identifying objects: The purpose of the game of seeing pictures and identifying objects: pointing at the pictures to explain to the baby, let the baby look at the various illustrated objects, and expand the vocabulary, to have a preliminary impression of the objects pointed to by these words.

When the baby is older, let him associate the picture with the real thing.

  Preparation: Various pictures, corresponding physical game methods: Prepare some pictures with beds, tables, chairs, TVs, clocks, pictures that mothers can also show to their babies: animals: cats, dogs, rabbits, fish,Rooster, horse.

Food: apples, sweets, bananas, watermelons, grapes, peaches.

Clothing: clothes, pants, shoes, hats, caps, quilts.

  Mom and dad then prepare the corresponding kind, general daily necessities, food, fruits, and clothing.

  The mother reads the baby in combination with the real thing, and recognizes the picture on the picture; the mother reports a name “banana”, this yellow is the banana, encourage the baby to touch the real banana, and then take the banana.

  Let the baby find the picture of the banana from a bunch of pictures, and can match the picture with the real thing, and show it to the mother one by one.

  The mother can describe the characteristics of the picture and the real thing to the baby, and tell the baby what is the common feature of the food and food.

For example, the banana in the picture and the real banana are: curved, yellow and yellow, and the ends are a bit sharp.

  The mother can decide the number of objects to recognize each time according to the baby’s ability, and the number should not be too much.

After the baby can be identified correctly, change the new content.

  Changing Wire Game Name: Changing Wire Game Purpose: To see the concept of knowledge, let the baby feel the change of graphics. Mom shows some objects to the baby, and explains what is the size and how much.

To let your baby know the color, you must learn to recognize the red first, and then continue to know the green and yellow.

Show your baby a variety of graphics, starting with simple, and gradually getting harder, and finally let your baby draw these graphics and paint them.

The baby is older, let him know the classification of things.

Let your baby understand the book.

  Preparations: Several colored wires, circular, triangular, and square colored building blocks. Game method: There are many daily objects in life that can form graphics and change the graphics. Mom finds several colored wires that are more than one foot long (softer).

Turn both ends and wrap them with adhesive tape to prevent the baby from being injured.

  Mom bends wires of various colors into different shapes, such as circle, triangle, square, etc.

It’s best to just fit the same shaped bricks.

  Let the baby touch it, recognize it, and talk about the shape of the figure bent by these wires.

If the baby can’t tell, the mother will compare the building blocks to the baby and try to put it in the wire.

  After the baby puts the building blocks in, he teaches the baby that this is a round building block, and that is a circular electric coil.

  After the baby learns, the mother teaches the baby to wind the wire around an object, and then remove the wire, and the wire becomes the shape of the object.

Mom straightens the wires and encourages the baby to bend the wires into the shape of an object.

Let the baby bend himself, let him see, think about it, and talk about what the bent thing looks like.

  The baby is bent into a circle, and the mother can use it to make a baby’s necklace or bracelet.

But remember you can only play for a while, you have to take it down and pay attention to safety.

  Moms have to invent various methods to exercise their baby’s vision. The more diverse the baby is, the better.

  Of course, visual games don’t just let your baby watch more. They also need to let the baby understand the meaning of what they see. It requires mothers to explain patiently.

Wen / Xu Suzhen Spring is here, the trees are sprouting, the flowers are colorful, the sun is shining, the river is rippling, and the spring wind is green.

Spring is a good time for babies to start visual games.  The baby’s blurred vision from being born to being able to read and read is a process that requires patience from the mother. The mother needs to stimulate the baby’s vision with games.

  Visual games are good for your baby’s vision and can also develop your baby’s intelligence.

The more things your baby sees and understands, the smarter she becomes.

The visual game should not only show the baby a lot of real objects, but also show him various symbols, looks like Chinese characters, and let the baby understand its meaning.

How to play baby’s visual games from small to big?

  Look at Mom and Dad’s Face Game Name: Look at Mom and Dad’s Face Game objective: Newborn baby’s eyes are only sensitive to colorful, large and moving objects.

  Therefore, the mother should show the baby more clear black and white, colorful pictures or toys, and also use various sports toys to move in front of the baby to make the baby’s eyes follow the target. Compared to objects, the baby prefers to follow the creature, soMother can put face or fingers into baby and move.

  Preparation: Suitable activity space, such as a sun-drenched bed, a stroller.

Wash mom’s hands and face.

  With the baby lying on the bed, the mother can close her face suddenly, leave suddenly, and then appear again, let him find it.

  After the baby is familiar with such sudden and distant movements, the mother grasps the baby’s little hand, lets it touch the mother’s face, tells his mother what the shoulders are, and comes with a nursery rhyme: good baby, look at the mother’s faceGood baby, touch mother’s face; this is mother’s eyes, this is mother’s mouth, this is mother’s nose, this is mother’s ear.

  Repeatedly, to train the baby’s gaze tracking ability, the mother can also move his face closer to the baby’s face to attract his attention, and then the mother’s face moves from vertical to another, and gently calls the baby’s name to make himHis gaze moved with his mother’s face.

  The mother picked up the baby and looked into the baby’s eyes.

Slowly shake your index finger in front of the baby’s eyes to attract the baby’s attention.

When the baby’s attention is attracted, shake the index finger to the left, you can see that the baby’s gaze is moving accordingly.

Shake your finger to the right and observe if your baby’s gaze continues to follow.

  Shaking fingers while saying nursery rhymes: birdie, birdie, cricket, cricket.

Fly to the left, fly to the right.

At first, your baby’s gaze may only follow the short movement of your finger, but as long as you keep doing this game every day, you will see progress.

  Babies are a little older, and it’s best to play this game outdoors in spring.

  I found the name of the game: I found the purpose of the game: space awareness, establishing the concept of perpetual object.

  Before the baby is born 120 days, he will not look for things that are invisible because he thinks that things that are invisible do not exist.

After playing the game of hiding cats, the baby knew that there was someone behind the towel. Now he saw the hidden bear in his mother’s hands and knew to look for toys. The baby began to move into the stage of material constant.

Therefore, parents need to train their babies to form a permanent object concept, that is, to let the babies know that what they see is still there if they are not in his sight.

  Preparation: Dolls, flowers Game method: Show your baby a favorite toy, and then hide it.

  Encourage your baby to find toys and ask “Is Winnie the Pooh in the sky?”

“Such a question, then looked up at the sky.

  Q: “Is Winnie the Pooh on the ground?

“Look down and look at the ground.

  Q: “Is it in my hands?

“Yes, is Winnie the Pooh on the ground?”

“Look down and look at the ground.
  Q: “Is it in my hands?
“Yes, Winnie the Pooh is in Mom’s hand!”

“When found, play with this hard-to-get toy for a while.

  Mobilize the baby to give the mother a toy, and then look for it.

Do not let the toy disappear for too long, so as not to lose interest.

  You can also use a small flower in spring as a prop to let your baby find this flower.