Rice smells fragrant

Rice smells fragrant

Rice and millet porridge are staple foods that people cannot do without.

How to make the rice fragrant has a lot to do with the quality of the rice.

How to get rice and millet that are both fresh and taste good is a concern for many people.

Therefore, the reporter interviewed Wang Lekai, an expert of the Agricultural Product Quality Inspection Center of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and asked the experts to help you.

  Regardless of rice Xiaomi, of course, the newer the quality, the better.

Take rice as an example. The first type is freshly harvested rice, which has the best quality.

The second is freshly ground rice that has been stored for more than a year.

The third type is ground rice that has been stored for a long time.

  To pick rice, first smell the taste.

To see if there is a moldy rancid taste or “Hala flavor”, the rice with obvious taste is generally stored for a long time and is not fresh.

Fresh rice will smell a scent of rice.

The first is to look at colors.

Chen Mi is usually dark in color, while Xin Mi not only has a good gloss, but also has a brighter body.

If you find brown rice in the grain, that is, “red grain rice”, you should pay attention to picking it out.

If there is too much “red grain rice”, you should choose carefully.

  When people usually choose rice, they think that the more transparent the better, and if there are white spots on the grains, they think the quality will be poor.

In fact, the white spots on rice grains are called “petal white” and are often affected by genetic factors and planting environment.

It does not affect the taste and nutrition of rice grains too much, and cannot be used as the sole criterion for selecting rice.

It is meaningless to pursue the transparency of rice too much.

If you are buying bagged rice, it is best to go to the supermarket to buy the products produced by the manufacturer, and pay attention to whether the product production date and shelf life are valid.

  When choosing millet, in general, yellow is better than whitish, because yellow millet presents more nutrients such as riboflavin.

However, it is important to note that some millet colors look very uniform and have a bright, buffy yellow color, so beware of whether it is dyed millet.

The normal millet should be faint yellow and not particularly shiny.

The yellow in millet will decompose when seen by light, and the long-standing Chen Mi will often become white due to discoloration.

  Some businesses will dip the pigment in the oil and spray it on the millet so that the yellow color will not fade even if the rice is washed with water.

So grab a handful of millet, if you feel that the millet is oily and sticky, you need to be vigilant.

The better millet should be diffuse, dry and run down like sand.

The last thing to note is that there should be a bit of rice bran in Xiaomi, and if not, it is not recommended to buy.