What are the nutritional values of trotters?

What are the nutritional values of trotters?

Do you know that there are certain nutritional values for trotters?

Pork trotters are very popular in some countries. Pork trotters are also a home-cooked dish that everyone loves to eat. Everyone knows that trotters have a high nutritional value and have a cosmetic effect. Then you know thatWhat are the benefits of trotters?

The nutritional value of trotters is both rich and medicinal. Let’s take a detailed look at the nutritional value of trotters.

  Pig’s trotters are also called pig’s feet, pig’s hands.

There are two types of fore and aft. The forefoot is less boney and straight, and the hind is less boney and curved.

The trotter is rich in collagen, and its trace content is also lower than that of fatty meat. In recent years, research on the causes of aging in the elderly has found that the lack of collagen in the human body is an important factor in human aging.

It can make the skin dry and wrinkle, enhance skin elasticity and enhance, it is of special significance to delay aging and promote children’s growth and development.

Therefore, people call pig trotters “beauty foods” and “delicious food of bear paw”.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that trotters are flat and sweet and salty. They are a delicious alternative to bear’s paw and a “good medicine” for curing diseases.

  Pork trotters’ expensive paws often make our ordinary consumers fascinate them; cheap trotters are everyday food that we are familiar with.

But people often disdain cheap trotters. In fact, the nutritional value of trotters is no less than that of bear paws.

  Pork trotters are nutritious and delicious.

It is both commonly used and a tonic.

According to food nutrition expert analysis, there are 15 proteins in every 100 grams of trotters.

8 grams, aunt 26.

3 grams, calcium carbonate 1.

7 grams.

The trotters also contain vitamins A, B, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, especially after protein metabolism in the trotters.Palms are comparable.

  From a medical point of view, trotters are multipurpose medicines.

The trotters are rich in collagen, which is a gelatinous substance composed of biological macromolecules. It is the main protein component of tendons, ligaments and connective tissues.

In the human body, collagen accounts for approximately protein supplements.

If collagen synthesis is abnormal, it will cause “collagenous diseases”.

  When bones are generated, the skeleton of bones composed of excess collagen fibers must first be synthesized, so collagen is again the “bone in bones”.

  In addition, after the collagen in the trotters is absorbed by the human body, it can promote the absorption and storage of water by the skin cells, prevent dry skin from wrinkling, and make the skin plump.

The famous doctor of the Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing, had a “pig skin formula”, which pointed out that the skin on the trotters had the function of “harmonizing blood and moisturizing the skin.”

Some British beauty masters have observed that eating pig trotters regularly can make the noodles even and plump.

  Pig trotter collagen can also promote hair and nail growth, keep skin soft and delicate, and shiny nails.

Regular consumption of trotters can also effectively prevent progressive nutritional disorders, have a certain effect on gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhagic shock, and improve the microcirculation of the whole body, which can prevent or reduce coronary heart disease and enlarged encephalopathy.

For the elderly in the recovery period of surgery and severe illness, it is beneficial to the recovery of normal physiological functions of tissue cells, accelerate metabolism, and delay body aging.

  Trotter soup also has a prolactin effect, which can play a dual role in lactation and beauty for lactating women.

However, pigs’ feet are high in adults, and patients with chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, and gallstones are advised not to consume them.

  1. The collagen in trotters can be converted into gelatin during the healing process. It can bind a lot of water, which can effectively improve the physiological function of the body and the water storage function of skin tissue cells, prevent premature skin wrinkles and delay skin aging; 2Pig trotters must have an adjuvant treatment for patients who often have tired limbs, leg cramps, numbness, gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhagic shock and enlarged encephalopathy. It also helps to increase growth and slow down the rate of osteoporosis in middle-aged and elderly women;  3, trotters are rich in collagen, which can promote fur growth, pre-treat progressive muscular dystrophy, improve coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, and have a certain effect on gastrointestinal bleeding and dehydration shock.