Physical exercise can not delay aging (Figure)

Physical exercise can not delay aging (Figure)

The researchers said that physical exercise does not delay aging, but it can improve the ability of the elderly to maintain an independent life. The results of this study are both good news and bad news.

  Researchers conducted treadmill tests on people of different age groups, and the results showed that no matter whether a person exercises regularly or leads to an increase in age, their aerobic capacity (the amount of oxygen consumed during exercise) is very obvious every ten years.Decline.

Researchers know that aerobic capacity decreases with age, but Jerome, a medical officer at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Association of Maryland and the cardiologist who led the study?

Dr. Fleger said they were surprised by the value of the reduced aerobic capacity.

“People who exercise regularly and people who exercise infrequently do not experience the same decrease in aerobic capacity, and I think we are a little disappointed in doing so.

“But he pointed out that those who exercise regularly can still finish the test first because their aerobic capacity is higher.

“If my aerobic capacity is high, I will end early,” said Friege.

Having a higher aerobic capacity can make you stronger.

The results of this study were published in the online edition of the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation. In the study, researchers performed treadmill test analysis on 435 men and 375 women, aged 21 to 87.Between the ages, these people participated in the Baltimore Early Age Study.

In the age group of 20 and over, oxygenation capacity is reduced by 3% to 6% every ten years, and the capacity of people over 70 years of age is reduced by more than 20% every ten years.

Frege said participants also completed a detailed questionnaire about physical activity and then grouped them based on the intensity of their exercise.

  It was found that those who exercise regularly often have greater aerobic capacity than those who do not.

New York City Lennox?

Director of Women’s Heart Care Center at Hill Hospital, cardiologist Nika?

Dr Goldberg said, “Those with low aerobic capacity can’t even make their own beds.

As you grow older, your aerobic capacity is declining, but older people should perform physical exercises to improve their normal organ activity, because this will increase their independence in life, which will be affected by some decline in aerobic capacity.

“The researchers have a limitation of this study, which is that the people who participated in the test were healthy, and they were at least able to walk on the treadmill, so it was difficult to compare people with poor health.

Chuck in Cardiology at Marshfield Clinic?

Dr. Macquarie said that clinically, he noticed that those who persist in exercising throughout their lives have a greater ability to carry out daily activities when they are older.

Those who have been sitting all their lives seem to age earlier.