Teachers need to get a mental health certificate

Teachers need to get a mental health certificate

“Only mental health teachers can train mental health students.

“Hai Fei, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, suggested that primary and secondary school teachers not only receive psychological training, but also take regular exams.

At the same time, the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Committee also suggested in the CPPCC step by step that teachers should obtain a “mental health certificate” before taking up their posts.

  Status: 40% of teachers have psychological problems. This preliminary segmentation of the Central Democratic Progressive Group has a series of numbers.

A research institute found a mental health survey of 265 primary and secondary school teachers and found it was as high as 42.

6% of teachers have psychological problems.

  Investigations have shown that teachers have psychological problems and even mental disorders, the phenomenon of psychological diseases has expanded, and teachers’ psychological conditions are worrying.

“Mental health is a core element of teacher quality.

“Reason: Many people have too much psychological pressure due to the intensified competition for further studies, and society’s evaluation of schools is always measured by the rate of advancement.

In order to pursue grades, the school puts pressure on teachers at all costs, such as job title evaluation, evaluation and promotion, teacher appointment, and final elimination, etc., which are measured by scores. Teacher performance is directly linked to student performance.

The result of the evaluation put a heavy “score” burden on the teachers.

  In fact, in some private schools, many parents hear the one-sided words of students, and when they think they are unreasonable, they ask the principal, the Board of Education or the news media, and even confront the teacher with the teacher., Dare not educate students positively, sometimes even dare to say a heavy word, and spend all day carefully and prudently, which is extremely bad for teachers.

At the same time, factors from families, economics, interpersonal relationships, etc. have also caused many teachers to have higher psychological pressure.

  Suggestion: Establish a psychological evaluation mechanism as soon as possible. Through social development and continuous updating of knowledge, students have more and more ways to obtain information and knowledge. Teachers’ ideas and knowledge cannot completely satisfy students, and the teacher’s psychology and face are doubled.pressure.

Therefore, the DPP’s initial focus in the CPPCC meeting is to establish a teacher’s psychological quality assessment mechanism as soon as possible and improve teacher qualifications for entry-level learning.

Teachers with severe psychological disorders should be forced to leave the post temporarily for treatment.

Teachers who have caused psychological damage and refused treatment to cause actual harm should be permanently disqualified.