There is a quartet of fall prevention _1

There is a “quartet” of fall prevention
National Geriatrics Center, Liu Shasha, nurse at Beijing HospitalFour people have fallen.The fall of the elderly has serious consequences, which not only cause severe activities and impaired functions, but also one of the important causes of disability and death, which seriously affects the physical health and quality of life of the elderly and their families.To prevent the elderly from falling, we introduce readers to the “Fourth Step”, hoping that older friends can understand and remember, and can often review it as a recipe.This “quartet” is: Speaking out of the face of a fall; moving to rehabilitation; checking your eyes and feet regularly; don’t drop your home environment.When an elderly person appears to be unstable and is concerned about a fall, they should seek medical treatment in time and cooperate with the doctor to find the risk of falling.At the same time, it is recommended that the elderly check the drugs with their doctors and family members to prevent drug-induced falls.Some antihypertensive drugs may cause dizziness when the elderly change their position. It is recommended to slow down the movement, which can effectively prevent falls.For example, the elderly need to pay attention to three “30 seconds” when they wake up: stay in bed for 30 seconds after waking up; sit up for 30 seconds after sitting up; sit down with their legs hanging down for 30 seconds.Appropriate, regular rehabilitation exercises can also help the elderly increase balance and prevent falls.There are roughly four ways to prevent falls, including endurance exercises (such as walking or swimming), strength exercises (such as dumbbells and pull-ups), flexibility exercises (such as yoga or dance), and balance exercises (such as Tai Chi).The elderly should be reminded that all sports must follow the principle of moderation and do what they can, otherwise it will cause harm.Eye and foot problems are two crucial factors that cause elderly people to fall.It is recommended to perform an eye examination at least once a year to solve eye problems in a timely manner and wear reading glasses suitable for you.At the same time, check your feet once a year 杭州夜网论坛 and wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes is the basis for preventing falls.The standard for safe shoes is: the laces can hold the shoes tightly; the upper is preferably higher; the heel is flat; the midsole material is thin and strong, so that the feet can feel the ground condition; the soles must be non-slip.Of the Chinese elderly who fell, 44% occurred at home.Therefore, improving the safety of the home environment is also an important means to prevent the elderly from falling.In the living room, the furniture should not block the aisle, the floor should be flat and non-slip, and the wires should be stowed and fixed to avoid the installation of small carpets and other things that can trip people. The sofa should not be too soft.In the bedroom, there are night lights within reach, the floor is flat and non-slip, the mattress is soft and hard, and the furniture is moderately 杭州夜生活网 high.Toilets should have handrails next to the toilet. Try not to use squat toilets. The floor should be dry and non-slip mats.In the kitchen, it is best to keep commonly used items at your fingertips, and it is best to avoid stepping on a stool to reach the cabinet.The corridor is spacious and tidy, with sufficient light and no debris or unevenness on the ground.