[Do you have diarrhea and eat montmorillonite powder]_Treat diarrhea_Effect

[Do you have diarrhea and eat montmorillonite powder]_Treat diarrhea_Effect

Many parents like to discuss parenting issues when they get together, because each baby’s problems in growing up are different, so the knowledge accumulated by parents can be interconnected.

Some parents will take montmorillonite powder when their baby has diarrhea. Parents who have never used it will have doubts. Would it be better to eat montmorillonite with diarrhea?

The usage of Montmorillonite is introduced below.

First, eating montmorillonite powder for dysentery for a few days will be good. The flu disease may be caused by bacteria or viruses. Therefore, you cannot take montmorillonite powder to solve the problem by yourself. Seek medical treatment immediately.

Smecta Montmorillonite powder has a layered structure and non-uniform distribution, which can fix and inhibit viruses, germs and toxins produced in the digestive tract; Smecta Montmorillonite powder can be polished from the instructions.The ability to cover the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, and repair the qualitative and quantitative aspects by combining with the mucoglycoprotein to improve the defense function of the mucosal barrier against attacking factors. Does Montmorillonite treat gastroenteritis?Complications, Smecta Montmorillonite does not enter the blood circulation system, and at the same time, the fixed attack factors move with the digestive tract itself.

This product does not affect the X-ray examination, does not change the color of the stool, does not change the normal bowel movements, and is an essential medicine for everyone when playing.

Second, montmorillonite powder is suitable for eating before meals or after meals. The reason is that montmorillonite powder has a strong ability to cover and protect the digestive tract mucosa, repair and improve the defense of the mucosal barrier against attack factors.Function, with a balance of normal flora and local analgesic effect.

Because the main component of montmorillonite is montmorillonite, the montmorillonite component is not absorbed by the human body, does not enter the blood circulation, does not affect peristalsis, and does not affect the digestion and absorption of food.

Montmorillonite powder usage and dosage 😕

Pour this product into 50ml warm water, shake it orally.

Children: Under 1 year, take 1 sachet daily in 3 divided doses.

1 year old?
2 years old, take 1-2 sachets daily, and take 3 times.

Above 2 years old, take 2-3 bags daily in 3 divided doses.

Or as directed by your doctor.

Adult: 1 bag 3 times a day.

Take this medicine immediately when treating acute diarrhea, and double the first dose.