What is the most effective way to increase fat?

What is the most effective way to increase fat?

What is the most effective way to increase fat?

Most of the physical diseases are caused by low spleen and stomach function and insufficient blood.

The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood.

The spleen and stomach are healthy, the blood is strong, the muscles are plump and the limbs are strong.

On the contrary, the body is thin and the limbs are weak and weak.

To treat the body thin, we must eliminate many chronic diseases such as hyperthyroidism, liver disease, kidney disease and tumor.

Then using traditional Chinese medicine treatment, there will be good results.

  Individuals are fat or thin. They can not be measured by eye. You can calculate whether you are thin or weak according to the following formula: Rank 100 in height and multiply by 0.

9, the answer is my standard weight.

If the individual is 180 cm tall, the standard weight is (180-100) × 0.

9 = 72 kg, which is normal below or above 10% of the standard weight.

If your actual weight is less than 10% of the standard weight, consider whether you are too thin.

What is the most effective way to increase the weight of a thousand doctors?

Under normal circumstances, underweight is related to genetic factors. At the same time, some people who are prone to excitement can accelerate the consumption of transformation due to the influence of endocrine.

Some people are prone to nervousness. The result may be a missed meal or loss of appetite. It is natural to lose a thousand card gaps at a time, so it will definitely not be fat.

If you find yourself underweight and your body is too thin, first check to see if it is a potential effect of the disease.

Such as thyroid, diabetes, adrenal glands, digestive diseases, etc., are easily caused to lose weight.

The disease-removing plan can only be implemented if the disease is ruled out.

  There are many picky and partial eclipses in the diet of thin and thin men and women.

Therefore, these bad habits should be removed and the expected amount of supplementation should be increased. The compensation should be rich and varied.

Eat more carbohydrates, pasta is the most useful, average, high-protein foods, vegetables and fruits can not be less, on weekdays, it is better to not leave those healthy snacks, such as peanuts, toffee, etc., drink beer and drink some juice is also goodThe idea.

In the case of adequate protein intake, it is advisable to eat more foods containing trace amounts of glucose (ie starch, sugar, etc.).

In this way, the excess energy can be converted into unfortunate storage under the skin, so that the thin person is physically strong.

Thinner gastrointestinal tracts are used to replace the liver of chickens, ducks, fish and sheep. After the fish are also easily digested and absorbed.

  What is the most effective way to increase fat?

If you want to increase your weight, you can first achieve scientific fertilizer and increase your health.

In addition to a balanced diet, you should also maintain adequate and good sleep.

If people have enough sleep, their appetite is better, and it is also conducive to digestion and absorption of food.

Too many thin people like to live fat, play an all night, and the next day they must fight hard to go to work, seriously affecting the quality of sleep, so it is not thin to be strange.

Also pay attention to personal mental health.

The tension and pressure in the work, some small things in life can not be opened, more than the “crazy” learning or work of the human body load, will make people even thinner.

On the contrary, a happy state of mind and a harmonious interpersonal relationship are beneficial to fattening.

  For those who are sitting in the office for a long time, they should take some time to exercise every day. This will not only improve the appetite, but also make the muscles strong and physically fit.

The muscles of the human body are “used in and out.” If the exercise is not exercised for a long time, the muscle fibers will shrink relatively, become weak and weak, and people will seize the thinness.

In terms of exercise style, jogging is a good choice, because the number of gastrointestinal motility increases significantly when jogging, so that it can consume human energy, and the appetite is good when eating.

First of all, large-volume exercise, short-term exercise and rapid explosive exercise all achieve the effect of increasing fat, and it is also the most taboo for those who want to lose weight.