8 tricks for strong teeth you have

8 tricks for strong teeth you have

The Chinese folk has a proverb: “In the early morning, if you have 36 teeth in the morning, old teeth will not fall”, telling us that as long as the method is proper, you can still have a healthy tooth even after you enter old age.

Today we are here to see, there are other ways to protect the health of our teeth.


Tea Mouthwash Rinse with tea after each meal to let the tea wash your teeth and tongue in your mouth.

This can remove tartar, improve the physiological functions of oral orbicular muscle and oral mucosa, and enhance the ability of teeth to resist acid and corrosion.


Tooth throat throat wakes up every morning and sleeps and insists on hitting each other.

At the beginning, tap a dozen times, and in the future, the number and strength of tapping will be increased to reach about 50 times per tapping.

This method can strengthen the toughness of the periodontal tissue fiber structure, promote blood circulation to the gums and faces, and keep teeth strong.

Swallowing saliva after cavities is also good for health.


To keep your mouth clean, you should always brush your teeth with warm water every morning and evening. Brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important than brushing your teeth in the morning.

In addition, rinse your mouth with clean water after three meals a day. When you rinse your mouth, use the force of water to try to remove food residues in the teeth.

If it is tightly fitted, it can also be removed with a toothpick.

You should go to the hospital regularly to remove the calculus on the tooth surface to prevent periodontitis.


Diet teething eggs, fruits, vegetables, pork rib soup, etc., are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, etc., often eaten good teeth.

Insufficient protein intake in human body is prone to dental caries.

  In addition, care should be taken to protect the teeth when eating, such as avoid too much hot and sour food to prevent erosion and damage to the tooth enamel.


Massage the gums Use your thumb and forefinger to massage the gums in a certain direction every 10 minutes to promote blood circulation to the gums, alveolar and dental pulp, and prevent premature atrophy of the gums.


The correct way to chew properly is to use two teeth alternately.

If unilateral tooth chewing is often used, it is not necessary to supplement the physiological stimuli in the body, and stress atrophy of the tissue is prone to occur. Too much chewing to correct the overload can easily cause pulpitis, and cause improper facial appearance, affecting aesthetics.


Every time you urinate, you bite your teeth hard. Every drowning must be done without interruption.

This can promote the new metabolism of the oral mucosa and blood circulation of the gums, exercise the chewing muscles, and enhance the function of the teeth.


The drum rib mouthwash is performed twice a day to close the mouth, mouth, gills, and mouthwash, turning the tongue to the left and right, which can increase the secretion of saliva, make the tooth surface, the teeth and the oral mucosa subject to a certain amount of irrigation and stimulation, and can clean the mouthTo protect dental health.