Transforming mood is equal to transforming life


Transforming mood is equal to transforming life

Friends suffer from congenital heart disease, and half of the year is spent in the hospital.

Every time she was hospitalized, I went to see her. She was always very pessimistic and very decadent.

銆€銆€This time, when I went to see her, she was playing games on the lawn of the hospital and several children in the pediatrics.

Looking at my friend’s smiling face, I am astonished.

The friend said: “I have stopped disappointment. I don’t have a healthy body. It is a fact that I can’t change. But the quality of life doesn’t just determine a healthy body. I can live a positive life.

Transforming the state of mind is equivalent to transforming life.

“This reminds me of a German psychiatrist named Victor Frank. He used to suffer from a cold and arid life in the Nazi concentration camp. He is in hell at any time.In the end, Frank never despaired, but found the meaning of life in suffering.

He faced the life of the concentration camp with the feeling of a psychiatrist. All the hardships of suffering became his psychology research papers of interest, and the pain became more and more.

銆€銆€It seems that the experience of the friend and the scientist Dr. Frank has similarities.

Think of myself – an ordinary housewife, trapped in the triviality of rice, oil and salt every day, buy food and cook, laundry and mopping the floor, such hands and feet keep on doing, but doing is a trivial little thing in life, but also dayGoing one day, year after year.

Life is cumbersome, it feels tired, the mood is bad, and the home is always full of gunpowder.

However, as a wife, mother, these are the responsibilities I can’t shirk!

Then, the only thing that can be changed is my mood.

銆€銆€On that day, when I finished my meal and waited for my family to return, I stood on the balcony and suddenly thought: Looking at the white clouds in the sky, how romantic it is to wait for someone to go home!

For the first time in my life, I no longer feel that the taste of others is very poor. This discovery made me try to face life with a happy mood.

I have found that the chores that have made me resentful are actually more or less fun.

The child came back less than ten minutes, the cushions on the sofa were all misplaced, and I just learned to appreciate the child’s vibrancy.

Transforming my mood makes me find fun from the trivial life.

銆€銆€Every morning, when I wake up from my dreams and push open the window, the last thing I want to say is that changing my mind is like transforming life.