Madonna and Yoga must tell stories

Madonna and Yoga must tell stories

Madonna is sexy and hot, yoga is calm and gentle, what is the intersection between them?

How did Madonna’s 50-year-old still sexy and hot body maintain?

See the story between them.

  At the age of 18, she took fashion and sexy seriously.

At the age of 21, she was a pretty new star in the eyes of the public, and music became her life.

At the age of 33, she signed Time Warner at a high price of 60 million. Her “hot” figure and “bold” performance have become the hottest topics in Hollywood. She is Madonna.

Nowadays, “Sister Mai” is 50 years old. While the crow’s feet can’t stop climbing on the gorgeous face, the hot body continues to attract the attention of men.

And all this is due to increasing.

  After entering the year of no confusion, Madonna began to pay attention to changes in her body and changed her previous lifestyle, not by dieting, but even by increasing.

In practicing yoga, Madonna completed a style change.

From “bad woman” to “good wife and good mother”, what has remained the same is that Madonna, who is already a mother, still has full lethality in language.

Madonna’s explanation for doing so is also frank: “All things like money and power will make people more and more greedy.

When I found out I was just a fool for pastime, I told myself I couldn’t do it anymore.

At this time, I began to absorb more and adjust myself. It not only made my physiology healthy, but also kept my figure.

“After being a mother,” Ashtanga “made a” huge contribution “to Madonna’s recovery of body and physical strength, and” Med Mai “appeared again in front of the public as a mother. The still eye-catching figure is the best proof.

  In addition to “maintaining the figure”, Madonna is increasingly providing a channel for venting. She can express her joys and sorrows without using any destructive behavior and make her mind more peaceful.

For some time, rumors from tabloids and other media made Madonna extremely upset.

In an interview with Radio ABC, Madonna said, “I would like to create these variables, and I would like to make myself careless of these comments.

When you enter this right and wrong place, you must know that you are now attracting attention, and you must always pay attention to your words and deeds.

“Madonna has learned ballet since she was a child, and she also has some accomplishments in piano.

In college, Madonna also won scholarships for her outstanding dance skills.

All these laid the foundation for her later practice.

In the late 1990s, Madonna became more acquainted at first, and went into Danny Paradise (more and more lecture hall) under the introduction of former police band singer and friend Sting.

This memory is a wonderful memory for Danny. Seven years later, whenever Danny lifts it to people, there will be a sweet smile on his mouth.

“One day I was working with Sting. She (Madonna) came to us and seriously watched the scholars do more and more.

Afterwards, Sting’s wife told me that Madonna had been fascinated ever since.

Madonna said that her favorite form of increasing is “Ashtanga” (one of the more), and her talent has been a topic often mentioned by Danny, the leader of “Ashtanga”.

“From the very beginning, Madonna has been very strict with herself, and she has a basic dance, so she masters some movements faster than others.

When I’m with her, she always warms up for half an hour to an hour before practicing. She will keep an Ashtanga action for 90 minutes, and then she will make it more difficult.

Because she knew more and more that she couldn’t rely on the teacher alone, but more on her own understanding.

2008 is Madonna’s 25th year in the entertainment industry.

A friend close to her said: “She does more and more twice a day, and uses cycling and running as an auxiliary exercise because she wants to keep herself active.

This pop star doesn’t want to give the baton to Britney and Christina right now.

“Madonna’s figure is the envy of almost all women. Although she is 50 years old, yoga is really amazing.

Her story tells us to persevere, it must be so sexy.