Why do step-by-step exercise before fitness

Why do step-by-step exercise before fitness

Contraction exercises must be warmed up before fitness. Why are these exercises necessary?

Come with the editor’s commentary.

  Flexible exercise programs should be performed with the intervention of maintaining joint stability to maximize exercise capacity and increase muscle elasticity.

So, if you want to be lazy and ignore the exercise next time, refer to the following to ensure that you will never miss those important intervention sports.

To save time, you can even do it while changing clothes in the locker room.

  Whether you like it or not, with age, the elasticity of connective tissue around muscles decreases, and the flexibility of the body decreases.

Coupled with a more rigid lifestyle, you will find that your range of activities is limited.

  When we walk around, the muscles naturally expand and contract.

If the flexibility is very poor, even continuous activities in daily life can lead to the sequelae of shortened muscle tissue and connecting ligaments, making the body more rigid, imbalanced muscle development, and limiting the range of movement.

  Joints may be very flexible in some parts of your body, but this does not mean that your whole body is flexible.

Flexibility is specific to each joint and its specific structure.

Therefore, it is important to use a “full body” exercise method to enhance your softness and substitution.

Even after you can bend your left leg over your head, you still need to exercise your spine or the mobility of your complication joints.

  During pregnancy, the joints and ligaments of the pelvis become loose, and the range of motion of the legs increases.

This is due to increased secretion of relaxin.

Six months after your baby is born, you can still be aware of its effects. At this time, relaxin secretion gradually decreases and the ligaments tighten again.