What does a woman want?

What does a woman want?

What do women want?

This topic is heavy and painful.

In fact, every woman does not want much: stable emotions, warm family, fixed work, and a good and harmonious living environment.

  But I do n’t know why, is the society too complicated, or is it that God thinks women are too greedy?

Until now, there are not many women who have these. Of course, women who do not want to be more endless. More often, it is not women who do not want these things, but women who do not dare to extravagant these things, do not dare to think about them.
  In addition to the fact that they don’t think they have such good luck, there are women who chase these things in the past, constantly regret and fight the pain, and they have forgotten what they were pursuing, only so few, but so far awayand.
  Women’s expectations for love and marriage are always that beautiful and romantic, but not every woman will be so happy. Even if some women are shaking at the fingertips of happiness, they cannot really enter the door of happiness.

  In addition to the emotional vacillation between men and women, there are different temptations for men and women in this world. When we were seducing each other, the emotions of the year were just entering the desert in guessing and doubting each other.

  Sometimes I want to give women a tender feeling like water and a peachy face. Why in modern times, women have become like “warriors in armor”?

Driven by the market economy, non-stop fighting, this kind of fighting never seems to dare to stop idle, let alone any depression.

  Whether it is a woman who is facing emotions or a career, when a choice cannot be made, women choose a career rationally, because women are very clear about certain emotional differences, emotional swings and shakes, and no real excavationsIts own potential comes true.

  Many men say that women are selfish now, but who was ruthlessly extinguished by the woman’s original tenderness and tenderness?

No matter how clever a woman is, she will be confused when she encounters feelings. Some people even say repeatedly: It is better to be a stupid woman, or is it rare to be a good woman. Women even do this. What happened?

It doesn’t hurt the woman herself.

  I have always thought subjectively: women are still better in selfishness, not to be critical and harsh towards others, but to say that women still have to learn selfishness in the face of their emotions. Can love be eaten as a meal?

Can those vows and lies make you eat well?

  It is more important for a woman to live for herself. Taking care of her mood and emotions is better than anything. Do n’t think about everything and have a coping to share, until it is very warm, like a movement in a piano key.With the stuck, it seems that all the beauty and dreams have become unnatural.

  The mind of a person lies in his selflessness and giving to someone, and in the values of pros and cons that he will point out in each other’s hearts. In this fuzzy world, self-seeking is the basis of survival. Those so-called sincere and beautiful fairy talesWhen the prince and princess met the glacier, how many jacks were there?

Escaped Jack abounds.

Human life is only once, no matter what the process, you must learn to live well for yourself and your family.

  In addition to self-reliance, modern women have to learn to let go, and they don’t have to care about others asking you, what do you want?

You even have to understand what you really want and live a certain life?

Many times are you living for yourself and not for others?

  Marriage pay and choice is a two-way interactive thinking, rather than a single choice. Outside the marriage, application questions are more often done than proof questions.

Just how to prove this question is really a big problem.

  Although many women now love to say: I love you but it has nothing to do with you.

But how many “girl heroes” can really do this?

It is better to run your own life with love when you accompany others.

  Only when a woman learns to know herself and take care of herself can she have the capital to win a happy love.

Appreciation and likeness are mutual, just like the overall and partial relationship between attraction. No matter what we have experienced in the past, we must live for ourselves.

No matter if you are living well or not, you have to work hard to make yourself richer and healthier.

  There is no comparability between women, even if you lose, you cannot lose to yourself.

It is normal to lose to others. This society is originally the survival of the fittest.