This winter medicinal tea makes you chest up

This winter medicinal tea makes you “chest” up

Having the ideal figure is the dream of women all over the world.
From the theory of Chinese medicine, the most important thing is whether the blood circulation is smooth or not.
Is your menstrual cycle, menstrual blood volume, and menstrual blood color normal every month?
If you find a problem, please consult your doctor first, and then adjust your physical fitness is the best way.
  Insufficient qi and blood in the body will affect the development of the body and make the chest develop imperfectly.
If you often have a pale face, white lips, prone to dizziness, insomnia, difficulty sleeping, and low menstrual blood flow, it means that your body is deficient in blood.
If you do not improve your physique and replenish qi and blood, it will be difficult to form an ideal chest.
  From the point of view of the meridians, the focus on the development of the chest is the “stomach meridian”.
If there is sufficient nutrition, the development of the stomach meridian will also be smooth.
Therefore, it is important to eat nutrient-rich equipment.
In addition to the gastric meridian, the liver meridian is also important for breast enhancement.
The liver meridian is connected to the heart, and it is also closely related to stress and emotion.
Therefore, in order to increase breasts, in addition to conditioning with Chinese herbal medicine, it is also important to keep your mood cheerful.
  Chinese famous doctors of all ages have paid great attention to breast diseases.
For example, in “Gynecological Jade Ruler”, there is a record “the most common disease among women is the disease of the breast.” In Chinese medicine, the development of the breast is closely related to the organs, meridians, qi and blood., Stomach, kidney meridian and so on.
If it is out of order, it will immediately affect breast development. If you really want to breast enlarge, please pay attention to the following: 1.
Liver qi stagnation blood type This type has the most people.
Emotional instability, anger, and depression.
This kind of person’s breast meridian is not smooth, breast tenderness before the physiological cycle, postpartum milk secretion is also easy to be insufficient.
  Rose (Rose) tea tincture material: 9g of rose, 3g of incense, and 300cc of hot water Production method: Put all the materials into hot water and drink.
Qi-blood-deficient type congenital weak constitution may also be due to insufficient nutrition, resulting in flat chest and insufficient postpartum milk secretion.
  Ingredients for longan red jujube tea: 6 longan meat, 3 jujubes, 250cc of water. Method: Put all the ingredients in a pot, and drink after boiling.
Liver-stomach stagnation type hot tadpoles are hot-bottomed, or people who like to eat spicy food tend to get lumps.
  Dandelion hawthorn tea tincture material: 3g dandelion, 3 hawthorn, 1000cc water Method: Put all the ingredients in the pot, and drink after boiling.
Drink the entire serving in one day.